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Employee Referral Program

Lenmar Consulting recognizes the importance of recruiting highly qualified staff to provide the highest quality of IT services possible. Filling a vacant position is a high priority, and what better way to identify the right talent than to go to our current employees. Accordingly, as an incentive to enlist your help in identifying highly talented candidates, Lenmar Consulting offers employees a referral bonus for their efforts in the successful referral and placement of qualified candidates.

Lenmar Consulting will pay a $500 bonus to any employee who, while he or she is employed at Lenmar Consulting, refers a candidate for employment to Lenmar Consulting and that person is subsequently hired by Lenmar Consulting and remains employed by Lenmar Consulting for at least three (3) months.


All employees are eligible to participate in the program, providing the following criteria have been met:

  • The referring employee must be employed by the organization at the time of referral.
  • The referring employee must be employed by the organization at the time of hire of the referred candidate.
  • The name of the referring employee referring the candidate must be written on the candidate’s employment application.
  • The referring employee has completed an Employee Referral Application and submitted it to Human Resources prior to the initial interview.
  • The candidate, if hired, must remain employed by Lenmar Consulting for a period of three months.
  • The referring employee must also remain employed by Lenmar Consulting through the end of the referred employee's three-month employment period.
  • The referred candidate must not have been presented to Lenmar Consulting by any other source (agencies, referrals, self-referrals) within the previous twelve (12) months from the submission

The bonus referral policy will apply to all positions with Lenmar Consulting. All referral awards must be approved in advance by Human Resources and will be paid after the appropriate waiting period. All awards are subject to taxation.

Candidate Referral Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for referral under the Employee Referral Program, referred applicants must fully meet the qualification requirements listed in the job description for the position.

Referral Procedure

An employee should submit the referred candidate’s resume and a completed Employee Referral Form to the HR Director for a posted job. Employees should obtain permission from the applicant before making a referral, share their knowledge of the organization, and not make commitments or oral promises of employment.

Duplicate Referrals

If duplicate referrals occur, the first referral received will be eligible for payment. If a joint referral is made (and received at the same time), the Referral Bonus will be split evenly between the referring staff.

Selection Procedures

The employment application will be reviewed through the normal hiring procedures. The appropriate employment staff member will review the application. If the applicant meets the specified qualifications for the position, the application will be referred to the hiring department for review and evaluation. The hiring manager will make the selection decision for the position. All information regarding the reason(s) for making a decision not to hire an applicant will remain strictly confidential. Applicants must successfully complete all aspects of the pre-employment process.

Program Guidelines

Lenmar Consulting reserves the right to deny bonus payments to any employee who improperly makes promises or assurances of employment to prospective or actual candidates, or otherwise engages in improper conduct related to this program or other workplace activities. No referral bonuses are paid for referrals of candidates who are retirees, rehires, or persons returning from a leave of absence. Lenmar Consulting reserves the right to change or modify this program at any time.


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