Leadership Team

Lenny Dimentman
Founder and Advisor

Lenny Dimentman is the founder of Lenmar and currently serves as partner and adviser. Lenmar grew under his leadership to its current size and operations with strong clientele in banking and financial services sector. His commitment to excellence continues to be the hallmark of Lenmar in its constant efforts to serve clients and employees alike.

Jonathan Schwartz
Senior VP Sales and Recruiting

Jonathan Schwartz spearheads Lenmar’s sales and recruiting efforts. With over two decades of IT experience, Jonathan oversees a wide range of business activities. He led the transformation of Lenmar’s systems and devised changes to improve efficiency gains. Under his direction, Lenmar optimized its sales strategy and customer outreach programs. His initiative in building customer data has enabled the company to provide superior customer service. Jonathan holds a bachelor’s in Business Management from Ithaca College.

Beth Volin
Senior VP Sales and Accounts Management

Beth leads Lenmar’s business development efforts. She assembled the team across business units and geographies that helped the company scale greater heights in terms of client acquisition and satisfaction. Her innovative sales training techniques and initiatives have helped built a world-class business development team that seizes a wide range of technological and business opportunities. Beth holds a bachelor’s in economics from Washington University.

Satya Polavarapu

Satya is responsible for setting and driving organizational vision, operational strategy and translating that strategy into actionable goals for performance and growth. In addition, he is responsible for driving revenue growth, control costs and for ensuring that Lenmar is "the trusted partner" for our clients.


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