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Lenmar provides cloud consulting in a wide range of cloud-based offerings including cloud consulting services, everything as a service (XaaS), cloud migration and integration services.

Cloud Consulting

Lenmar understands that each organizational scenario requires a unique cloud computing framework to best-fit its needs. Our cloud consulting is based on a thorough analysis of your entire business landscape and ecosystem, which enables us to lay the proper roadmap to help you navigate through the digital disruption. Our consulting-focus extends to risk-evaluation, TCO assessment, compliance and regulatory requirements, security, migration strategy, governance strategy, and roadmap recommendations. The comprehensive, customized report and recommendations will help businesses to make an informed decision about their cloud adoption and adaptation plans.


Lenmar enables businesses to harness the power of cloud through on-demand services, wherein they pay for only what they use. Correspondingly, Lenmar offers below-mentioned services in the XaaS model to help enterprises maximize their IT investment.

  • Platform as a Service (PaaS): By using Lenmar's PaaS solutions, you can develop, manage and run applications on cloud without needing to go through the costs and complexities in building an in-house deployment.
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): Reduce your operational inefficiencies stemming from distributed infrastructure by using Lenmar IaaS and streamline your operations through centralized monitoring.
  • Analytics as a Service (AaaS): Perform ad-hoc analysis of enterprise data through Lenmar's AaaS solutions, and crunch gigabytes of data that are helpful for data analytics and big data deployment without any hassle.

Cloud Migration and Integration

Cloud migration is a complexity-filled journey that needs the expertise of Lenmar's caliber to intervene and execute successfully. With us, migration involves not just the on-boarding of enterprise resources to cloud but also the seamless enterprise-wide integration that gives a single view of data.

Our expert team, armed with exquisite grasp on the necessary tools alongside contingency preparedness, enables businesses to make this digital leap while maintaining the sanctity of data. We also provide the user education and support necessary to empower the employees to maintain the transformational momentum.


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